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Vision, Mission, Values, Code of Conduct.

Engenoc sponsorshipThe Engen Oil Centre is an approved distributor of Engen and PETRONAS branded lubricants. They are set up in the metropolitan areas and are ideally situated to service small and medium-sized lubricant customers.

The Engen Oil Centres market and distribute both Engen and PETRONAS branded lubricants together with related products such as lubricant storage and dispensing equipment, spill containment kits and garage equipment.

The Engen Oil Centres are owned by local, service-orientated entrepreneurs with a strong customer-service focus. At The Oil Centre the quality and standards of service, combined with the standards of customer relationships, are key success factors.

Consumers will find that The Oil Centre provides both convenience and efficiency - a comprehensive range of products and services available at high-quality facilities.

The preferred supplier of lubricants in a designated area driven by:Engenoc Knowledge

  • strong customer service
  • cost effectiveness, and
  • competitive infrastructure,

Proudly marketing the Engen Brands

History of Engen Oil Centre

The Engen Oil Centre concept is an initiative undertaken by the lubricants division of Engen Petroleum to empower small enterprises to service lubricants customers in a proactive and efficient manner.

The first Oil Centre was established in 2004 and the concept has grown from strength to strength with further Oil Centres established within major urban areas of South Africa.

What does the Engen Oil Centre offer you the customer?lubricant recommendation tool

  • Access to two respected and recognised Lubricants brands namely Engen and PETRONAS.
  • A wide range of guaranteed quality lubricants ranging from cost effective solutions to top tier synthetics, meeting the required specification levels of any customer application.
  • Product recommendations supported by Engen's Technical services division
  • A flexible and responsive delivery service designed to meet the needs of the small to medium business sector.

Engen and Petronas Lubricants International

Engen blends up to 8 million litres of its own finished lubricants per month at its lubricants blending plant in Durban, South Africa. We also represent almost all of PETRONAS Lubricants International’s (PLI’s) interests in Africa. With PLI backing, Engen has access to fully-integrated global supply and sourcing networks; enormous economies of scale and financial backing; and innovative product development expertise, thanks to PLI’s association with various leading automotive manufacturers. With PLI support and our own global supply and auto manufacturing partnerships, Engen Lubricants offers customers a wide range of high-performance lubricants that are purpose-suited to the unique demands of a spectrum of industries and geographies.


Engen in Africa

Engen traces its African history as far back as 1881, when it began trading under the brand of Vacuum Oil in Cape Town. In 1996, the year that marked its birth as a truly African brand, we began a concerted African expansion programme, over the next four years creating affiliates in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Burundi, Uganda and Mozambique. Under EPIC 2016, Engen’s 10-year growth plan, we reaffirmed our international (African) drive in 2006. In 2007, Engen bought an operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and the next year in Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Rwanda and Burundi. The EPIC 2016 journey continues as Engen investigates various business opportunities on the continent, seeking to establish the firm as ‘A Champion in Africa’ by 2016.

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